Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clothes Make the Man

by Iseult Murphy

Tracy sat at the bar, surveying the crowd. She was looking for someone classy, but all she saw were the usual losers.

She sipped her drink. A man on the other side of the dance floor caught her eye. He was easily the best-dressed person in the club. There were no labels plastered over his clothes, but Tracy could tell they were expensive.

He oozed style as he prowled the edge of the dance floor, keeping to the shadows. Tracy couldn’t keep her eyes off him. He looked fit. Athletic. He must be rich too, to afford such clothes. She wondered what his face looked like. She bet he was handsome. He was too far away to tell.

She tried to attract his attention. He wasn’t looking in her direction so her come hither eyes were wasted.

She put her drink down and teetered to the dance floor. A few shimmies and she had every man in the room watching her. She looked around for her mark. He was leaning against the railing near the courtyard door. He pointed at her. She smiled and invited him to join her. He shook his head, but beckoned and then slipped outside.

She didn’t want to seem too eager. She danced with a couple of men, teasing them. When the time was right, she sneaked away.

He was waiting for her in the shadow of the entrance. He pushed her against the wall as soon as she stepped through the door. She giggled, aroused by the feel of his body pressed against her. He caressed her bare arms. She was surprised to feel gloves. She ran her hands up his chest and reached upwards. He had a scarf wrapped around his mouth.

“Let’s see what you look like under that hat,” Tracy said.

She pulled it off his head. There was nothing underneath. She ripped the scarf from around his neck. The suit was hollow. There was no one inside.

The gloves climbed to Tracy’s neck. They wrapped around it and squeezed.

Tracy gripped the armless sleeves and tried to break free, but whatever will was animating the clothes was too strong for her.

A mouth formed with the collar of the shirt.

“I like your dress,” it said.


Iseult Murphy writes horror, fantasy and science fiction short stories and novels. Her work has appeared and is forthcoming in Alienskin Magazine , Necrotic Tissue , The Drabbler and From The Mouth, a flash anthology .
She is an associate member of the Horror Writers Association . She is based in Ireland. Iseult is also a keen actor and qualified speech and drama teacher. She has appeared in numerous stage productions as well as featuring in television programmes, film and commercials. In her spare time she enjoys painting. To learn more about her writing journey, follow her blog at The Inkpot Files .


Rachel Green said...

Very creepy!

Alan W. Davidson said...

A chilling piece of work, Iseult.

Benjamin Solah said...

Once again, another good story. I liked the subtlety in this one.

BT said...


Nice new angle. Very kewl.

Jodi Lee (Morrighan) said...

Excellent fright, Iseult... I was thinking vampire, and then wham! Invisible man. Good one!

Anonymous said...

Nice, Iseult! I really enjoyed it. :)