Sunday, June 13, 2010

Something Different

by Chris Reed

As Darren watched the obese woman get undressed, he wondered if he could really go through with this. Her breasts were enormous, which he didn’t really mind, but the rest of her—the flabby arms, the double chin, the pouch of blubber that hung down over her crotch—had him second-guessing his decision to meet her here at the motel. After eight years of marriage, he’d grown accustom to his wife’s slim, athletic figure. She was the complete opposite of the woman who lay on the motel bed, sprawled out before him like a white, pasty whale. (He couldn’t even remember her name. Was it Margaret? Margie?) Before he was married, Darren wouldn’t be caught dead with a chick like this. She was a disgusting pig, so fat he couldn’t see her genitalia. But he could smell it. Despite her obvious attempt to mask the stench with perfume, it still smelled like something had died down there.

But it was something different. So he took off his pants.


As Margo watched the man step out of his jeans and climb onto the bed, she felt her stomach growl. It had been a long time since she’d eaten, and this man was much thinner than she was used to—nearly anorexic—but she’d sought him out for precisely that reason.

As the man pushed her pouch up in search of her vagina, she delighted in the shock on his face when he saw her writhing nest of pubic hair. His eyes grew wide, jaw dropped, body trembled. He was so stunned he made no attempt to move as the wiry hairs reached out like insect feelers and coiled around his arms, wrists, legs and neck. He kicked and thrashed as they pulled him inside the gaping maw of her vagina. And when the teeth inside bit down on him, crushing those bony shoulders and knobby knees, ripping that long, lean torso in two, she felt oddly satisfied.

It wasn’t the best meal she’d ever had, but at least it was something different.


Chris Reed is the author of more than 50 short stories. His fiction has appeared in a variety of small press publications including Black Ink Horror, Chimeraworld 5, and the Cutting Block Press anthology, Tattered Souls: The Provocative Boundary of Fear. Aside from writing, he enjoys frozen pizza, Seinfeld reruns, and hockey fights. He lives in Davison, MI, with his photographer wife and their two enigmatic children. Visit his official Web site:


Cate Gardner said...

Nasty (and fun - which feels so wrong).

Kara McElhinny said...

This is great! I'm very barely shocked or surprised by a story and you got me with this one! Gross and nasty all at once.

Doug Murano said...

That was filthy. The good kind.

Adam said...

Absolutely awesome.

joven said...

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MCrittenden said...

WOW! This really takes you there. Nasty bit of wickedness there, Sir.

Sebastian Braff said...

Hahahaha. I enjoyed that.